Orthopaedic Quality Registries

AAOS Shoulder and Elbow RegistryThe AAOS Shoulder & Elbow Registry

Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry

Belgian National Arthroplasty Register

Catalan Arthroplasty Register (RACat)

Register of Orthopaedic Implants (RIPO)

Emilia Romagna, Italy

Norwegian Arthoplasty Register

Canadian Joint Replacement Registry (CJRR)

Danish Knee Arthroplasty Register

Dutch Arthoplasty Register LROI

Egyptian Community Arthroplasty Register

EPRD Deutsches Endoprothesenregister (German Arthroplasty Register)

German shoulder and elbow arthroplasty register

Finnish Arthoplasty RegisterFar

Irish National Orthopaedic Register

Italian Arthroplasty Registry

Japanese Arthroplasty Register JAR

Lithuanian Arthroplasty Register

National Joint Registry (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

The New Zealand Joint Registry

Pakistan National Joint Registry (PNJR)

Portuguese Arthroplasty Register

Romanian Arthroplasty Register (RNE)

Scottish Arthroplasty Project

Slovak Arthroplasty Register
SAR – The Slovak Arthroplasty Register

National Arthroplasty Register of Slovenia

Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register

Swedish Knee Arthroplasy Register

Swedish Ankle RegistryDet Svenska Nationella Fotledsregistret

Swedish Elbow Arthroplasty Register Svenska Axel Registret

Swiss National Joint Registry

Tyrolean Arthoplasty Register (Austria)

Institut für klinische Epidemiologie Prothesenregister

The Study Group – University of Arizona

American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR

Michigan Arthroplasty Registry Collaboration Quality Institute

 Hospital for Special Surgery Hip andKnee Joint Replacement Registry

FORCE-TJR Registry

Kaiser Permanente National Total Joint Registry

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